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This is a fascinating opportunity. You can now have an idea of the places before arriving in them. A panoramic view of plazas, parks, streets, museums, can be seen from our site and then make your mind on where you want to travel. Explore the comprehensive possibilities of this new virtual trip that takes you to splendid landscapes.

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ipix gallery
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How do you view IPIX?

IPIX can be seen on any computer within your Web browser using the free plug-in from IPIX.

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Visit the greatest source for Ipix pictures for Cuba at: WWW.IPIXCUBA.COM



How To Get Around An IPIX™ image

The first thing you'll notice when you're inside an IPIX™ image is that your cursor becomes a hand icon. To move inside the IPIX™ image, HOLD DOWN your left mouse button and point the hand icon in the direction you wish to move. Hint: The hand icon drives the IPIX™ image slowly if held near the center of the image. The closer the hand gets to the edge of the image, the faster the IPIX™ image moves.

The magnifying glass with the plus symbol appears when the cursor is slightly above the center of the IPIX™ image. When you see this icon, HOLD DOWN your mouse button to zoom closer into the IPIX™ image.

The magnifying glass with the minus symbol appears when the cursor is slightly below the center of the IPIX™ image. When you see this icon, HOLD DOWN your mouse button to zoom further out of the IPIX™ image.

Other IPIX™ Image Icons

Many IPIX™ images are multimedia enhanced with music, narration, automations, and URLs. Each type of media is signified by its own special icon.

Door icons appear when a link to another IPIX™ image is available. Double-click doors and you're on your way.

Speaker icons appear when an audio link is available. Double-click speakers to hear narration or music.

Television icons appear when linking to an automation is possible. Double-click televisions for automatic action and independent movement.

Computer-to-computer icons appear when links to URLs exist. Double-click computer-to-computers to visit another Web site or Web page.

Keyboard Navigation

If a mouse isn't hooked up to your machine or you just prefer keyboard navigation, don't fear. IPIX™ images are fully functional with standard key strokes.

A crosshair icon will appear in the center of the image when using the arrow keys to move left, right, up, or down in an IPIX™ image. To move quickly, HOLD DOWN the arrow key which points in the direction you wish to move. HINT: To activate a link, such as a door or speaker, position the crosshair icon over the desired link, then press ENTER.

To zoom closer into the IPIX™ image, press the plus key. To zoom further out of the IPIX™ image, press the minus key.


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